March 20, 2010

The world through stamps

Collector's Stamp Album

Gift from John Hart of Ipswich UK, 1983
Gen Luna St., Ermita, Manila

March 10, 2010

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17 February 2009

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17 December 2009

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17 December 2009


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17 February 2009

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Australia Post: Selected Issues 1990

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Governor Macquarie

Great Australian Railway Journeys


Australian Trains like The Ghan and the Indian Pacific cross the continent from south to norht and east to west respectively, covering great distances, often over isolated and difficult terrain.

Other routes, such as the West Coast Wilderness Railway on the west coast of Tasmania and Kuranda Scenic Railway in northern Queensland traverse much smaller distances in rugged and precipitous mountainous country.

These railways were once the primary means of linking isolated Australian settlements with more populous cities. Today tourists include these routes among the great railway journeys of Australia.

Source: Post Australia, Martin Place-George Sts, Sydney CBD.
28 May 2010

Australia Post Bicentennial Issue

200th Birthday Concert Envelope

The Australia Post 200th birthday was celebrated by a free public concert and historical display that were held at Darling Harbour on June 27 and 28 (2009). The public exhibition featured historic vehicles, uniforms, photos and other archival materials.

The building in the picture is Sydney General Post Office 1952 taken from the National Archives of Australia.

Source: Post Australia, Martin Place-George Streets, Sydney CBD
28 May 2010

March 08, 2010

Marine Life

C5 Envelope

High-crown Seahorse Hippocampus procerus.

Seahorses live in weedy habitats in the shallows, and among sponges when in deep water. They rely on a prehensile tail and mastery of camouflage, including the ability to change colour, to avoid predators. The High-crown Seahorse is found from Moreton Bay to Fraser Island in Queensland.

Source: Post Australia, Westpoint Shop, Blacktown

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March 02, 2010

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