February 12, 2012

My Stamp Collection Blog


Letters have been part of my life since I was a child. It started in my family where my parents and my Auntie Merriam, who lived with us, regularly received mails from relatives. In those days, the old familiar traditional postal service and the old-fashioned telegram service were the only means of communication exchange and flow between people who lived far from each other.

The most common mass media known then were magazines and wireless radio with no rampant advertisement like today that floods even the least mainstream of communication channel.

At the age of 9, I was enrolled in Grade 3 under a teacher by the name of Mrs Gloria Regis Alagar in Karomatan Central Elementary School. Under her guidance, she taught us how to write letters as part of our English class. And this is where my interest in stamp collecting was conceptualized along with my growing interest in letter writing that soon became a hobby.

Until I reached high school and having had been associated with an American Peace Corp by the name of Miss Constance Parker Reimerof Cleveland, Ohio, whom we fondly called "Connie", the real stamp collecting began. That was in 1963 in a place called Baroy, Lanao del Norte. Connie was our neighbour. She lived across the street where we were and she was our Summer English Teacher on request.

It is through this blog that I want to get reconnected to Connie if she is still alive. The last news I heard about her through my high school friends and neighbours was that she was married to a certain Tom with a family name that starts in letter F. I unfortunately did not remember after some years of losing contact with Connie due to our constant moving having lived a pretty nomadic life.

The last year I received communication from Connie was in 1966-1967. I was in my Junior High School Year in Marawi City.

Letter writing days... where are those days gone by? 

Days may have gone but not the friendship I fostered through letter writing. I've been saving these letters for years! Over two decades since my arrival in this country I now called Home!